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CV Axle & Joint Repair

Your vehicle relies on many large and small components to keep you safe on the road. CV axles, boots, joints, and yokes are some of the parts working behind the scenes to keep your car on the road.

At Ace Tire, we provide CV axle replacements, as well as CV boot, U-Joint, and yoke replacements, to drivers in Dade County, FL, Monroe County, FL, Palm Beach County, FL, and surrounding areas.

Our Services: From Axles to Yokes

We can provide any of the following services for our customers:

  • CV Axle Inspection
  • CV Axle Replacement
  • CV Joint Replacement
  • CV Boot Replacement
  • U-Joint Replacement
  • Yoke Replacement

Our team of professionals are on hand for any CV, U-Joint, or yoke inspection and replacement issues your car is facing. Equipped with experience and the right parts, our crew will work hard to get you safely back on the road in no time.

F.A.Q: What These Car Components Do

You know what we do, but you may not be familiar with what each of these components does for you. Take a few minutes now to learn a little more about your car's parts.

What is a CV axle?

The CV axle, or "constant-velocity" axle, is built to deliver consistent power or torque to your wheels. The axle can be found in many front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles today and is attached to your wheels by the CV joints.

When something is wrong with your CV axle, you'll likely notice one or more warning signs. Contact us for inspection or replacement if you experience:

  • Trouble turning your car
  • Squeaking that increases with speed
  • Vibrations that increase with speeds

What is a CV joint?

Your vehicle’s CV joints connect to the drive axles, which connect the transmission to your wheels. An  inner and outer CV joint exist on your car. The inner joint connects your transmission to the axle, and the outer connects the axle to the wheels.

CV joints are responsible for transmitting consistent torque to your wheels, regardless of the angle of the axle or shaft. They move with the suspension system to help your wheels maintain a constant velocity through various road forces, like bumps and potholes.

If your CV joints lose lubrication, they'll begin to wear. Like the CV axle, a faulty CV joint can cause you trouble turning, create squeaking during acceleration, and bring forth vibrations during acceleration.

What is a CV boot?

A CV boot houses and protects the CV joint, preventing dirt, debris, and similar elements from causing harm. It also ensures that there is sufficient lubrication for the joint. A CV boot is made of a rubber or plastic that is strong enough to withstand the constant bending of the CV joints.

A broken CV boot will inevitably lead to a broken CV axle. It's important to have your boot inspected since heat and friction will wear it down over time.

What is a U-joint?

U-joints, or "universal joints," are flexible couplings that serve an important role on your car. They are responsible for transmitting the rotational force between your transmission, driveshaft, and differentials, which are responsible for turning your vehicle’s drive wheels.

U-joints consist of four legs, or trunnions, that extend from the center cross, or body. The legs are covered with bearing caps and are housed within the yoke, which is designed to pivot and spin as they rotate with the driveshaft.

If you hear clicking, squeaking, rattling, or grinding noises while driving, your u-joints might need replacing. Visit us to inspect and replace your u-joints as soon as possible to prevent more expensive repairs in the future from other components breaking in response.

What is a yoke?

Yokes are located on the ends of your car's driveshaft. On most vehicles, one yoke connects to the rear of the vehicle while the other reaches into the transmission. These connecting components help transfer your vehicle’s rotational energy from the transmission to the moving wheels.

If you hear clunking or feel vibrations, one of your yokes may be broken. Under an excessive amount of stress, a yoke can crack or snap completely. Broken, bent, and twisted yokes should be replaced immediately. Contact us if you would like a yoke inspection.

Visit us for all Joint Repairs

Now that you know more about your vehicle's components and their importance to your ability to drive, make sure you seek replacements and inspections to stay on top of your car.

Our team has experience dealing with these important car components, and we look forward to helping you inspect or replace any joint, boot, or yoke on your vehicle. Fill out the form below to contact us about any of our services.

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